Drills and Hills: Conquer the Grade


On Wednesday, July 5, 2017,


2016-07-16 | 2016 MultiSport Gravenhurst Triathlon (Saturday)

Join Dempsey Cruz, MultiSport Canada Ambassador, fitness coach/trainer and Penticton-bound age group duathlete, in conjunction with the Nike Women Running Room at Liberty Village for an evening of fun hill training!

Along with their Wednesday Running Club, learn how to conquer those dreaded hills using specific running drills and technique.

Improve your running skills with Dempsey and the Running Room coaches; learn how to breathe efficiently and fine tune your biomechanics on hilly courses and have fun while doing it!

The clinic starts at 6:30 p.m. 
Meet at the Running Room Liberty Village, 61 Hanna Ave #1, Toronto, ON M6K 3N7
10-15 minutes prior to start of clinic.
Everyone is welcome to join! Open to all skill levels, this clinic is guaranteed to be fun and engaging!
Running Room Liberty Village

61 Hanna Ave #1, Toronto, ON M6K 3N7 (p.c.blogTO)


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