08.07.16: Bracebridge International Distance Duathlon

What a day!

A week after riding my bike from Toronto to Montréal, I knew that I was going to have to let genetics take control and ‘just race’ this one. Before the race at transition, I bumped into a fellow duathlete Mark Cullen and he reassured me that the run course was flat (and thankfully it was!). It was exactly what I needed to hear before the start to calm down my nerves!


I ran the 10km quite comfortably at 4:14 min/km, and I finished just over 42min. I could still feel the soreness from my legs and it took some restraint to conserve my energy for the remainder of the race. Heading out of T1, I was a bit concerned. The 42km bike was quite interesting. Despite it being a hilly course, I was averaging a decent 35kph until the 20km mark when another athlete had made an illegal pass on me. As a result, I crashed my bike for the first time while racing 😥. A little shaken up, I lost my momentum and I couldn’t stay focused. I finished the bike with an average pace of 30.2kph.

I gave the last 5km run my best effort while trying to fight off leg cramps at 4:46 min/km. Pretty good run nonetheless. My legs were done.

It was so awesome having a few friends and family there to keep the hype up. Overall, I placed 9th and 3rd in my age group. I feel so lucky to have gotten the results that I did and I’m so going to train properly for my next race!


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