09.11.16: Georgina Sprint Duathlon

The day started very cold and windy.

From the moment we saw the white caps on the water, we knew that the swim would be cancelled. This is the second time that I have done this race and both times it ended up being a duathlon day for all! 😊

georgina_run.jpgNot long after we arrived, the sun came out and the sky cleared. It warmed up and the conditions became significantly more favourable for a race. I had little expectations before the race as I spent the past three weeks recovering from my injuries from the Toronto Island Race. My goal was simply not to crash on the bike… not for a third time this season.

The first 5km felt great! Running by the water and feeling the light breeze on my face carried me at 3:55 min/km. I could see three athletes ahead of me but my plan of attack is usually on the second run.

I was one of the first athletes into transition. I’ve always had the fear of ‘losing my bike’ in the transition zone and for some reason, this fear has become a reality for the second year in a row on this race. Imagine trying to find your car in a full IKEA parking lot! My goal was not to panic as I started to see more and more athletes enter transition. I looked around for almost a full minute until I finally found it.

The bike course was a 20km loop. Cross winds on the first 10 and headwind on the way back. I didn’t crash, thankfully, but I was careful since every bump on the road hurt my strained wrists. A 32.7 kph was good enough to keep me in the top 10.

I had already lost my previous placing and it was time for me to go ‘flat-line-hard’ on the last 2.5km. I counted ‘one, two, three..’ as I passed athletes one by one. 8 minutes later, I crossed the finish line.

Well, I ended up surprising myself with a first img_3702place finish in my age group and third overall. What a nice way to end the duathlon season of 2016!

A million thanks to MultiSport Canada Series, Recharge with Milk and all the volunteers for the top-notch race series, Steve Fleck for the amazing job that he does on every race, ZoomPhotoInc and SportStats for the action shots and official timing.

Last but not least, thank you to GNC Canada and CrossFuel PurePerformance for helping me achieve my fitness goals.


2016-09-11 | 2016 MultiSport Georgina Triathlon

Until next race season!

all images are courtesy of Zoom Photo Inc.

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