11.14.16: It’s all about endorphins

A challenging spin seemed daunting after a long day at work but it’s exactly what I needed to de-stress. There’s nothing like a 6x3min Vo2max repeats at 120% FTP to help me unwind.

Crazy talk, I know.

But what exactly makes exercise the perfect stress reliever?

It’s all about physiology! Exercise has the ability to trigger the production and release of “natural painkiller” hormones called endorphins.

Endorphins are produced by our brain’s hypothalamus and pituitary gland when our body experiences pain or discomfort. You can look at it as the body’s coping mechanism to counteract stressors it experiences.

Structurally similar to morphine, endorphins activate opioid receptors in the brain that causes feelings of euphoria.

Have you ever heard of the term “runner’s high”? Well, this is the exact science behind it!


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