11.22.16: The magic of sprint intervals

Over the years, I’ve trained for many running races ranging from 5km to 42.2km. I oftentimes find myself getting lost in my busy schedule, getting trapped at work, or dealing with unexpected life situations. It’s not always ideal to spend hours in the gym trying to make up for lost training time.

My solution? Speed Intervals. They are perfect for maximizing training when pressed for time.

Incorporating them into your training plan is essential for building speed, stamina, and cardiorespiratory efficiency (vo2max). It is the perfect way to vary intensity levels during your sessions, as you cycle through bouts of high intensity sprints and active recovery.

Today’s training involved five repetitions of 3min sprints at 80% of my max effort, with 1 min active recovery in between.

Be sure to maintain good running form when increasing your pace; arms bent at 90, shoulders relaxed, and hips forward. It’s easy to let your form drop as fatigue sets in. Don’t cave in!

This type of training is also very effective at burning fat, and improving metabolism.


Around the Bay Race, 30 km. Hamilton, ON. Finish line photo by ZoomPhotoInc.

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